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What is Innervision?

Innervision uses Eidetic Imagery to accesses unconscious beliefs encoded in the brain—and rapidly extinguishes undesirable, self-limiting behaviors while unleashing our most effective genetic capabilities, perspectives and actions.


Eidetic Imagery


Eidetic Images

Are pictures seen in the mind, much like a movie image or photograph. Research has found that these images are neurologically recorded in the brain and stored for future reference. The process of uncovering them breaks down the habitual, knee-jerk reactions that result in discordant solutions to life and work problems.


Innervision Programs


By using imagery, Jaqueline Sussman allows us to re-enter past experiences and understand unexamined emotions. She gives us a map for inner traveling.


The work (Eidetics) has the quality of revelation.

Joseph Campbell, American mythologist, writer, lecturer

Eidetic Imagery enabled me to pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses. By identifying specific capabilities, it has made me more focused and productive. I believe eidetic imagery can be a useful tool for anyone to maximize his or her business potential as well as personal development.

The Honorable William Simon, Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury